Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Humble Bundle Is On!!

If you've never heard of the Humble Bundle, it's basically a bundle of PC games on the cheap.  You can pay just the minimum of $1 and get the basic bundle of games, pay more and "beat the average" and get a few more games, or pay $25 or more you'll get everything that they are offering.  The best part is that it goes to charity, you decide how much.  Current offering (all on Steam):

Pay at least $1 (You'll receive 1 Steam key):
Saints Row: The Third ($19.99)
Saints Row 2 ($14.99)
Risen 2: Dark Waters ($19.99)
Sacred 2 Gold ($19.99)

Beat the Average (You'll receive an additional Steam key):
Dead Island GOTY ($19.99) - Steam won't show "GOTY" in your library, but the DLS will show as available from within the game.
Saints Row The Third - The Full Pacakge (DLC Only Key) ($39.99) - Does not include the base game, so don't give the key away if you don't own the game!

$25 or more
Dead Island Riptide ($39.99)

Update (08/06/2013):

More games (Metro 2033, Risen, Sacred Citadel) have been added if you beat the average, which is a little under $5.

Another Password Manager called Dashlane

So I currently use LastPass as my password manager and it has worked well.  I use the free version and find that it does pretty much everything that I want.  But, you can never have enough password manager options.  There's LastPass, Keypass, and 1Password to name a few and now there is another called Dashlane.  It has a slick looking application and seems to integrate well with browsers.  I briefly used it and found that I had issues importing my LastPass file.  I also wish it would prompt for the master password whenever I want to view a saved password.  It's freemium similar to LastPass but cost $19.99 a year for the additional features.

Guess a location at GeoGuessr

So I stumbled across this website where you try to guess where in the world you are.  It places you in a location via Google Maps, you simply take a look around, place a marker on the map, submit, and it'll give you points based on how close you were with your guess.  Try it out.  7841 was my best attempt.

Stop unwanted paper mail with PaperKarma

If you are like me and either forgetful, lazy, and/or tired of receiving paper mail addressed to you that you no longer want to receive you might want to check out  They have an app for iOS and Android and all you have to do is snap a few pics and they'll take care of the rest.